Welcome to Paws and Whiskers!


-Reuniting owners with their feline pets.
-Sheltering lost, abandoned & stray cats.
-Restoring the health of lost, abandoned and stray cats.
-Spaying & neutering abandoned and stray cats.
-Matching cats with caring owners.
-Educating the public in the pleasures, techniques and responsibilities of having cats as household pets.


> fee: $145.00 
> Two Veterinary Examinations
> Treatment for Worms, Ear-mites & Fleas
> Nail Clip
> Vaccinations with Booster
> Neuter/Spay
> 30-Day Health Guarantee


My name is" BUDDY".
My loved one passed away recently and my furever home is gone so I need to find another place to feel loved and cared for.
I'm a medium-haired, orange male with beautiful green eyes. (I'm kind of taken by surprise in this latest photo)

I'm 9 years old and weigh 11 lbs and I've been neutered, de-bugged, vaccinated including Rabies and tested negative for FeLV / FIV.
I'm in A1 shape!!!


My name is HONEY and I'm a short-haired gray tabby with some orange. I was born in 2017 and I've been at the Sanctuary since April 2018. 
I was very shy at first, but now I love to be petted, am very playful and get along with all the other felines.  
I've been spayed, vaccinated and treated for parasites. Is there someone out there to love me? 


I'm Benny (on the left) and was born in May 2018.  I was very shy when I came to the Sanctuary in July 2018 with my 'Mum' and my brother.  They were adopted together, but sadly I was left behind.
I have made great progress and now allow people to pet me 'full body, from head to tail'.   I sport a huge 'ruff' in winter, of very soft fur, with no mats. I love to be brushed !
I'm neutered, vaccinated and treated  for parasites.  I get along with all the other felines here at the Sanctuary.  I'm not even fussy who my bunk-mates are, as long as they purr along with me.
I'm an indoor/outdoor cat who is ready for my forever home - even though my caregiver has said she will miss me greatly...


My name is SHERIFF! I'm a beautiful 'Buff' coloured short-haired male, weighing 15.6 lbs.
I arrived at the Sanctuary on January 6th, 2014 at 12 weeks old with my 'sister' Kimmie.
I'm is a hefty, very laid back feline. I get along with all the cats and really don't  mind dogs.
I've been neutered, my vaccinations are up-to-date and I've been treated for parasites.
I'm really hoping to find my permanent home soon.


Cedric is a 1 1/2 year old orange and white male who weighs in at 10.8 lbs. 
He's been neutered, vaccinated and parasites taken care of.  He tested negative for FeLV/FIV. 
Cedric was shy at first when he arrived at the Sanctuary, but has come out of his shell
He's a good 'player' with his own toys and gets along with the other felines. 
He is now looking for his future home.


My name is MALLORY and I'm a  female 6 1/2 year old lovely tabby with white. 
I arrived at the Sanctuary in July 2013. I'm very gentle and get along with the other felines.  
I've been spayed, vaccinated  and have parasites taken care of. 
I'm always waiting for my permanent home.