Welcome to Paws and Whiskers!


-Reuniting owners with their feline pets.
-Sheltering lost, abandoned & stray cats.
-Restoring the health of lost, abandoned and stray cats.
-Spaying & neutering abandoned and stray cats.
-Matching cats with caring owners.
-Educating the public in the pleasures, techniques and responsibilities of having cats as household pets.


> fee: $145.00 
> Two Veterinary Examinations
> Treatment for Worms, Ear-mites & Fleas
> Nail Clip
> Vaccinations with Booster
> Neuter/Spay
> 30-Day Health Guarantee


My name is MALLORY and I'm a  female 6 1/2 year old lovely tabby with white. 
I arrived at the Sanctuary in July 2013. I'm very gentle and get along with the other felines.  
I've been spayed, vaccinated  and have parasites taken care of. 
I'm always waiting for my permanent home.


My name is CLEO and am a tortie with white markings.  
I was wild when I was trapped in July 2019, but now I'm just a little shy. 
 Patience will bring me around very quickly. I want to be petted but I'm timid about  making  that move yet.  I just want someone to take the time and I will give everything back to them once I trust.

I'm told I'm a  real character! I play well and get along with all the others that I bunk with. I've been spayed, all parasites taken care of and my vaccinations are up-to-date. 
 I'm ready and looking forward to my 'permanent home'. 


My name is Georges!

I'm an affectionate, playful tomcat born in 2017.
I get along with other cats, and will tolerate a dog but I LOVE humans!
I'm neutered, vaccinated (including rabies) de-buged etc.
I'm looking for love and my permanent home


My name is  Parker  My Mommy is Annie and my sister is Norma
I'm a short-haired, male, tuxedo who was born on April 25, 2019.
I LOVE to be petted, I'm very gentle and play with my toys a lot.
I'm an indoor cat.

Norma Ray

This is  NORMA RAY  and she is a sister to Parker and her mother is Annie. 
Norma Ray is a short-haired, female, tabby born on April 25, 2019.
 She is much smaller than her brother Parker. She's very affectionate and always game for whatever goes.
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My name is TUXIE and  I'm a black and white short haired female born in 2018.

I've been neutered,  vaccinated and have had all my shots.

I'm one of three siblings taken from an older couple in their late 80's who felt they didn't have the energy to deal with all us anymore. It's not their fault because they loved all of us. My siblings are Ginger & Patches.  My Mother is Annie.

I'm the more reserved of my siblings and have no need to be the center of attention. I will make an indoor cat or love to go outside too.   I was living with a dog too, so I think I will be good with a another nice dog. 

 I can't wait for a forever home so I can feel at peace again... 
I'm an indoor/outdoor cat but might really enjoy the indoors.

Do you have a question? Email us please.