My name is  ANNIE♥ and I'm a long-haired tortie born on June 10, 2017. 
She had been living outdoors for 2 years when we trapped her in mid-June. We've been able to tame her to the point she demands to be petted! 
A caring couple fed her and gave her shelter those two years. She has had two litters, the first batch of three she brought to their door where they managed to bring them indoors and tame them. They are now one and a half years old and adoptable too. That would be Ginger & Patches and Tuxie.
The second litter, another batch of three we trapped recently (one at a time) and have tamed two of them and are working on the third. These are Norma & Parker.
Annie has been to the vet and everything has been done to help her to be adopted.
I'm an indoor/outdoor cat.

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