I'm Benny (on the left) and was born in May 2018.  I was very shy when I came to the Sanctuary in July 2018 with my 'Mum' and my brother.  They were adopted together, but sadly I was left behind.
I have made great progress and now allow people to pet me 'full body, from head to tail'.   I sport a huge 'ruff' in winter, of very soft fur, with no mats. I love to be brushed !
I'm neutered, vaccinated and treated  for parasites.  I get along with all the other felines here at the Sanctuary.  I'm not even fussy who my bunk-mates are, as long as they purr along with me.
I'm an indoor/outdoor cat who is ready for my forever home - even though my caregiver has said she will miss me greatly...

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